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'The Joy of Living' from french

Wander into a
whole new world

Cove Centrum is an iconic European-inspired commercial hub comprising homes, retail shops and work spaces. Here, joie de vivre is witnessed as the joy of conversations, the joy of eating, the joy of community; the joy of anything you find pleasure in doing.

Immerse In The European Ambiance

Step into a vivid European tableau, where every cobbled street whispers tales of Parisian allure. Al fresco cafes beckon, quaint shops promise hidden treasures, and the grand piazza resounds with joyous laughter.

Through Serenity At Central Park

Lush plantings weave seamlessly through Cove Centrum, painting a green landscape accented by European-style architecture. This amplifies the calming feel throughout while offering both residents and visitors a harmonious blend of nature and urban living.


Iconic European-inspired
commercial hub

e-Tram connectivity
around Gamuda Cove

Commercial lots facing
main road & eTram

Car free

Next to SplashMania

Facing 60-acre Pet
Friendly Central Park


Retail Shoplots

Coming Soon in Year 2024


Coming Soon

High Residential

Coming Soon

Low Residential

Coming Soon


Cove Centrum is a slice of Gamuda Cove's 1,530-acre township that's planned to be one of the most exciting townships in Malaysia.

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